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We use crystals all the time to help us in our day to day life but have you considered how crystals could benefit your pets?


Just as we do, our pets feel energy and vibrations of crystals. Possibly even more than us as they have no pre conceived ideas or stigmas around connecting with crystals while constantly living in the now.


It is important to set your intention for the healing you want the crystal to do on your pet. You can do this by holding the crystal and saying your intention out loud as many times as you feel is right.

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Here are some ideas to include crystals in your pet’s life:

  • Try gridding around your pet’s bed to help them have a restful and energising sleep with Howlite, Rose Quartz and Blue lace Agate.
  • If your friend has been through a traumatic experience, try placing Amethyst points or tumble stones around them to bring peace and tranquility. They will leave the grid when they are ready.
  • When moving to a new area or home use Sodalite to help keep them calm during the transition and travel.
  • Use Kyanite to balance their chakras and promote healing.
  • A Selenite wand is useful for cleansing your pets auras and chakras by circling it around them to the left either their entire body or you can focus on a chakra.
  • Aquamarine promotes connection to the water so try using it if your pet doesn’t like bath time.
  • Amber is known to be a protector of animals and has been said to help prevent ticks and fleas.


Before you use crystals to help your pets, ensure that you have cleansed them from your own vibrations so they are not receiving any unwanted energies. Please see our blog on how to cleanse your crystals if you are not familiar with this process.


If you want to attach some crystals to your pet’s collar make sure they do not have any sharp edges where they could hurt themselves. Tumbled stones are best for wearing.


As you heal your pet, work intuitively and pay attention to their reactions, often you will be able to tell if they are relaxing or becoming tense or stressed. If so, ease up or stop the healing process as it might be too intense for them.


Happy Healing!

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