Christmas is just around the corner and what better gift to give this year than crystals. Crystals are not only visually beautiful but they hold energetic properties that can be extremely beneficial to the receiver. There are many crystals to choose from, so where do you start? We have put together a list of ten Christmas crystal gift ideas under $40 to make the selection process easy.


Rose Quartz Candle Base RRP$36

You really can’t go wrong with Rose Quartz. It is the crystal that enhances self-love and reminds us how to receive more love into our lives. This is a great gift for a mother, sister, friend or partner. For a special touch, try adding a little soil and a succulent for extra brownie points.

Christmas Crystal Gift Ideas

Rose Quartz Candle Bases

Salt Lamps from RRP$23.50

Heat emitted from quality Himalayan salt lamps create negative ions which bond with pollutants (positive ions) to neutralise and remove them from the air. This is a great gift for any room of the home or office. This is fantastic value with commonly reported benefits like relief from asthma and allergy symptoms. Don’t forget to choose a salt lamp that has a crystalline onyx base rather than a wood base as the salt can disintegrate wood over time.

Salt Lamps

Christmas Crystal Gift Ideas

The Crystal Bible with a selection of crystals RRP$30 – $39

The perfect gift for the budding crystal aficionado. Help start your child’s crystal addiction early with this gift of knowledge and sparkly things. But seriously, it’s a great gift for anyone who wants to learn more about the various properties of crystals, how they are formed, how to cleanse and how to use them.

The Crystal Bible

Christmas Crystal Gift Ideas

Space Clearing Kit RRP$22 – $39

Every home and office can use an energy spruce up every now and then to get rid of stagnant vibes and the heebie geebies. Creating your own space clearing kit can be the perfect gift. White sage is a definite must along with crystals like Selenite, Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz. For that extra personal touch, write down a mantra that they can say while using the kit or try adding a feather and an abalone shell for extra space clearing sass.


Christmas Crystal Gift Ideas

Orgonite Pyramids RRP$28.50

Due to the large number of electronic devices, there is an increasing amount of EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies) being emitted into our environments. Orgonite is one of the most common and popular to use for EMF’S. It is man-made from resin, crystal shavings and metals. This mixture of elements are combined to harmonise bio-energy or chi.

Orgonite Pyramids

Christmas Crystal Gift Ideas

Selenite Candle Bases from RRP$4.50+

Selenite Candle bases are an excellent value gift for any occasion. They are extremely versatile in many places in the home and office and help to cleanse the energy of the space they are in.

Selenite Candle Bases

Christmas Crystal Gift Ideas

Protective Crystal Bracelets RRP$29

Jet and Nuummite are said to be excellent protectors when it comes to negative vibes and EMF frequencies. An excellent gift for someone who is sensitive to these energies. For even more enhanced EMF protection, try a Shungite bracelet retailing for $44.

EMF Protection Jewellery

Christmas Crystal Gift Ideas

Crystal Wands RRP$24.50

These wands are currently on special and are a unique gift idea for the special crystal lover in your life. Great to display on a counter top, in a grid or great for witchy-poo spells.

Christmas Crystal Gift Ideas

Amethyst Clusters RRP$16 – $39

Everyone loves Amethyst. Even if a gift receiver already has Amethyst in their collection…they can always use more Amethyst. Each cluster is unique and offers harmony, healing and tranquillity.


Agate Butterflies RRP$23

Blue, Pink and Purple Agate Butterflies are a popular gift idea. As a totem animal, the butterfly represents joy and lightness along with the added benefits of calming Agate.

Christmas Crystal Gift Ideas

Agate Butterflies

The lead up to Christmas can be a tiring part of the year. So, one must also buy one’s self a crystal gift such as Carnelian, Lapis or Tiger Eye to help replenish one’s energy.

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