I cant believe my crystals are already here – and they are stunning!  Thank you so much!

Kind regards,Anne

I received my order yesterday – surprised at how quickly they arrived! They are really beautiful – so very happy with the quality.

Many thanks to Susan for taking such care in choosing them.

Kind regards,Jacky

Good Morning/Afternoon,

I received my order today and everything is so beautiful!

The shipping was so quick, and gems are just as incredible as your customer service!

I can’t wait to place my next order with you all 🙂

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Kind regards,Skadis' Treasure

Thanks so much for your help guys and your amazing customer service.

I’m in love with the crystals. They are stunning.

Best regardsJade 🙂

Greetings All,

Just flying in to say I am sooooooo excited with my new order, as always, they were beautifully selected and chosen for me and I appreciate all your time and energy. You are all awesome and I love your crystals.

Thanks heaps for everything, Bright Blessings to you all.

Hi Christie,

Thankyou for being so helpful and patient with me. I couldn’t wait to get creative with all the lovely stones I got!

Love and lightCharlotte


Firstly, thank you for my last order – absolutely amazing items – especially the garden apophyllite – I am meant to give it as a gift, but not sure if I can part with it !!!!!

Peace, love and light,Katie

Thank you Everyone,

We were blown away with the quality of the crystals and the wonderful friendly service that we received.

Looking forward to plating with my new crystals very soon.


Thankyou!!!!! So very much!!!!! My order arrived today – you have no idea how wonderful the house feels with so much rose quartz in it LOL – and I LOVE the Elestial Quartz I gifted myself!

I also love the sodalite pendant and card you included. We had a rough time with hospital visits of late, and I feel like – as well as an awesome business move – (I have already sold $60 worth LOL) the energy from the crystals has renovated the energy in our home!

Can’t wait to order me next lot!

Blessed BeAnne

My move has all finished and as promised, here are some photo’s of the runes that I did for some clients of mine. I was really happy how they worked out, the quality was excellent. All the hard work you did for me has paid of, and is greatly appreciated.

I will be getting another order together soon, when I get my studio all sorted out.

I should have my new web site up and running in a couple of weeks, in which I will be thanking you for the quality of crystals that you provide.Stephen

Not sure if you got my email on Tuesday, but the order arrived Monday. We are stoked in the quality of product and thank you very much.

The dogs I ordered are brilliant, can’t believe you sent me a brown and white one, as I have 1 brown and 1 white dog.

Thanks again. Though I will say, it is a shame that you only take orders over $200. Wish it could be lower.

Thanks in AdvanceSherry

Just wanted to let you know my package arrived safely and to thank you for the beautiful pieces! They are all beautiful and I’m sure they will find their keepers very quickly.Sandra
Thank you so much for the well wishes. The opening was a great success! I am so very pleased with all the beautiful babies I purchased from you 🙂 many thanks to you and the team there for all your help with my purchases. I look forward to shopping with you again soon.

Much love to you all xxxSamantha

Hi all at Earth Crystals,

I just wanted to let you know my order arrived today!

Thank you so much for your amazing service and I am so so happy with the order. Every item is just divine! So lovely I am not sure I want to part with them! 🙂

And the oracle card is spot on!

Love and blessings to all,Charlotte

Thank you. My has order arrived and I am very happy. Look forward to my next purchase.Lorainne
I’d like to give Susan a special Thanks for organizing & sending the Rose Quartz Heart on my behalf.

The process worked perfectly and she was over the moon with the piece you chose for her.

Thank you very much,Paul