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If you are in need of some mind, body, spirit balance at the moment then Chalcedony could be the stone for you. With a soft and nurturing energy this stone can ease self doubt and turn any feelings of hostility or negativity into peace and even joy.


As Chalcedony is a variety of Quartz there are many different types, colours and forms all with their own healing properties. Even stones you may have thought had no relation are actually different forms of Chalcedony! These stones include, but are not limited to Agate, Aventurine, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Onyx and Chrysoprase. They have given the name Chalcedony to white, blue and pink varieties to distinguish them from other stones.


White Chalcedony:


Create an honest passion for life with a White Chalcedony cluster in your home, perhaps beside your bed. If placed in your lounge room it can promote strength of group environments and cleanse its surroundings.



Blue Chalcedony:


This blue translucent crystal brings calm and creativity yet also assists with confidence in public speaking which makes it a great all rounder to have. Keep in your pocket for situations that create nervousness or around your neck when wanting to express your inner creative.


Pink Chalcedony:


Allow soft and nurturing energy to surround you with this crystal. To assist in feeling empathy for a situation or to help heal trauma wear Pink Chalcedony around your neck or in earrings.


Chalcedony is one to have on your list in almost any situation.

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