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We are well and truly into the festive season. December is a time of celebration, family, presents and reflection. But the stresses of this season like; work, shopping malls, keeping the kids entertained during the holidays can all be a little overwhelming at times. Keeping those immune systems boosted is a must along with taking some time out for yourself. Setting aside time each day, even just to consciously breathe deeply for a few minutes can make a huge difference to your stress levels.


Did you know crystals can also assist at alleviating stress? Including crystals in your downtime and de-stressing regime can be extremely effective at calming the mind, body and soul. Here are our suggestions of how to use crystals daily to ease those festive season stresses.

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Crystal Gridding

Creating a crystal grid can be a creative and meditative experience. Mindfully placing your crystals in a grid can help focus your intentions for the day. Gridding can offer time out just for you and starting your day off with any creative activity helps your circulations, activate the lymphatic system and boost serotonin levels. Creating a grid in your room especially when using crystals like Calcite, Opal and Rhodonite, can enhance the feelings of calmness, harmony and sanctity.


Grids don’t need to be extravagant to be effective. Place your main crystal in the middle (with your intention for the day) along with tumbled stones or clear quartz points can be a simple grid to start off with. Feel free to experiment with different crystals and layouts. A great place to start is using sacred geometry shapes as a base for your grid like a circle, a star, square, two inter locking circles, or if you’re feeling a little fancy then maybe try an icosahedral dodecahedron.

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Crystal Singing Bowls

We all know that sound can be an amazing healer and aid in relaxation. The invigorating tones that are emitted from singing bowls have specific frequencies that are associated with the different chakra systems of the body. For instance, if you are prone to headaches or fatigue at this time of year, an ‘A’ note singing bowl could be beneficial as it is associated with the third eye chakra. If you’ve had too much Christmas pudd (or see much food and merriment in your near future), and ‘E’ note singing bowl could be a good option for you as this frequency resonates with the solar plexus chakra which is associated with digestion.


No matter what tone crystal singing bowl you have, the frequencies can assist with calming and relaxation the mind, body and soul.

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Tibetan metal bowls are also excellent at balancing the energies of the body and mind.


Crystal Infused Water

The practice of infusing water with crystals has been around for generations and is an effective way to get a boost of crystal vibes throughout the day. There are several ways to infuse your drinking water with crystals. One way to infuse water is simply by placing a carafe or bottle of water in the centre of a crystal grid. Infusion this way is the safest option as the water is only exposed to the frequencies of the crystals and eliminates any contamination of possible toxins. If you prefer this method, allow at least 48 hours of infusion time.

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Another way to infuse water is to place the crystals directly in a water bottle. The most popular crystals to use in this way are Shungite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Citrine just to name a few. Leaving the crystals in your water bottle overnight is ideal infusion time and you can replenish the water supply throughout the day. Experiment with different crystal combinations to see which one works best for you.


If you are unsure if a crystal may contain toxins such as sulphur, metals or other potentially harmful minerals but you still want to receive the energetic benefits, a crystal grid may be the best option.


Crystal Placement on the Body

Placing crystals directly on the body is a fantastic way to absorb all of those crystal benefits. Try laying down and placing a crystal like Rhodochrosite over your heart chakra to feel centred and nourished, Tourmaline and your feet to feel grounded and protected, Iolite on the forehead or third eye chakra to enhance intuition (great if you are about to go to a shopping mall to help you find a carpark), and Clear Quartz at the crown chakra for clarity.


Holding a crystal in each hand while meditating can enhance your meditative practice. And if you don’t have time to meditate, you can still take advantage of calming crystals by placing tumbles in your pockets, bag or bra.

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Here is a list of our favourite stress relieving crystals for the festive season:




Pink Opal



Tiger Eye Worry Stone