Crystal & Flower Combinations

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, there is no denying that this time of year focuses on the energy of love and romance. Chocolates and flowers are certainly welcome gestures for any occasion and giving a crystal can complement your Valentine gifts perfectly.


St Valentine’s Day has its origins in the Roman festival of Lupercalia where woman and men would be paired off by lottery. By the end of the 5th Century it was replaced by Pope Gelasius I with St Valentine’s Day and celebrated as the day of romance from the 14th Century.


Crystals are great as a stand-alone gift, but here are some ideas for crystal and flower combos.

Sodalite Pink Roses Rose Quartz Rose Lepidolite Lilac Carnelian Iris Voltage Clear Quartz Daisy Rhodonite with Peony Ruby with BeeBalm Citrine and Iris

Crystal and flower combinations to woo your Valentine:


Rose Quartz with Red Roses

You really can’t go wrong with this combination. Red roses are the traditional statement flower for this holiday and Rose Quartz is the crystal of love. Rose quartz also attracts love to you and from you and encourages self-forgiveness and trust.

Rose Quartz Rose

Lepidolite with Lilac

Lepidolite is more commonly known for its protective qualities with regards to electromagnetic pollution. But this crystal also dissipates negativity, reduces stress and is calming during emotional stress. The Lilac flower encourages the healing of relationships and evolving together on all levels. So, if you happen to be in the dog box, this is a potent combination especially if you feel you are soulmates.

Lepidolite Lilac

Sodalite with Pink Roses

This combination is about captivation and communication. Sodalite unites logic with intuition and is the stone of effective communication in relationships. The pink rose like the ‘Bewitched’ variety, strengthens understanding of the other person on a spiritual level and helps to find unity. It helps one to see the best in themselves and the best in others.

Sodalite Pink Roses

Carnelian with Orange Iris

Receiving a Carnelian as a gift encourages success in a relationship. It aids with trust and invites abundance into the home. Vibrant Iris like the ‘Voltage’ variety encourages individuality while working harmoniously in relationships. It helps to ignite energy and vitality to reach common goals. This is also a great combination for couples wanting to expand their family 😉

Carnelian Iris Voltage

Clear Quartz with Daisy

Clear Quartz is the master healer crystal. Paired with the daisy, like the Shasta Daisy ‘Becky’, this combo heals and strengthens bonds, cultivates authenticity, intimacy and deepens your experience of oneness.

Clear Quartz Daisy

Crystal and flower combinations to give to yourself or your best friend this Valentine’s Day:


Rhodonite with Pink Peonies

This is the perfect combination to give to yourself or your best friend this Valentine’s Day. Rhodonite is the ultimate crystal for self-love and appreciation. It is extremely nurturing and encourages clarity, releasing suppressed emotions and resentments with grace. Peonies like the ‘Karl Rosenfield’ variety complements Rhodonite because this vibrant pink flower assists with honouring your authentic feelings and having compassion for yourself and others. The Rose ‘Gemini’ could also be a great accompaniment to Rhodonite for its similar properties.

Rhodonite with Peony

Citrine with Yellow Iris

Citrine is more commonly known for attracting abundance and good fortune. It is closely related to the frequency of the Solar Plexus chakra which is all about self-expression and Iris like the ‘Love the Sun’ variety is the perfect paring with Citrine. Both crystal and flower encourage personal power and strength from within. Detaching from external influences of power and relying on your own intuition or ‘gut instinct’.

Citrine and Iris

Ruby with Bee Balm

Bee Balm isn’t one of the more common flowers to gift but they are stunning. Ruby with Bee Balm, like the ‘Raspberry Wine’ variety, is a combo which promotes deep healing, fulfilment on the highest levels and the unfolding of your higher purpose. Ruby encourages passion and enthusiasm for life which further promotes fulfilment and bringing in positivity and abundance.

Ruby with BeeBalm

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