Mookaite is celebrated as one of Australia’s favourite crystals. What better crystal to feature this month with Australia Day around the corner than Mookaite.


Mookaite is an Australian Jasper and is gaining popularity around the world for its unique energetic and healing qualities. Mookaite promotes strength, vitality, courage and physical healing. It differs from other Jasper forms not only by its texture but also by its vibrant blood red tones, pinks, mustard and pale purples and cream tones which reflect some of Australia’s unique landscapes and earthy tones.


Mookaite (also known as Mook Jasper) is named after the place where it is found, on the Mooka Station/Mooka Creek located near the Kennedy Ranges in Western Australia. Mooka is an Aboriginal word meaning running water.


Probably the most unique energetic benefits Mookaite is known for is its anti-aging properties. It embraces the power of an ageless spirit which helps one to understand the correlation between the body and mind. It brings your beliefs about aging and degeneration to the conscious mind and imparts the knowledge that change is possible. It teaches the vibration of a young spirit, which assists in reducing the process of physical aging.

Mookaite Mookaite-2

It is also said to assist in clearing negative issues retained in genetic memory so the next generation does not have to inherit these issues. It also limits unhealthy energy or thought patterns from your auric field which may be associated with aging.


With all of these anti-aging benefits, try placing a piece of Mookaite under your pillow to absorb the healing benefits while you sleep. Or keep one in your pocket during the day. Imagine how beneficial a facial massage with Mookaite would be. Yes, please!

As Mookaite is a protective stone, it is an ideal crystal to wear or keep in your handbag or car. It helps you to be alert to danger. Allowing you to choose another more favourable path or option. It aids in decision making and is a great crystal to travel with.


The variety of colours in Mookaite make it a beautiful crystal to have in your environment but each colour also influence its’ healing properties.


Red – self-confidence, action, fearlessness, passion, motivation, decision making.


Pink – determination, commitment, caring, romance, new love, calms anger and resentments.


Purple – resilience, balanced emotions, intuition, initiating new ideas.


Scarlet – vitality, self-reliance, success, maturity.


Yellow – aids in clarity, optimism, good communication, precision, persuasiveness.


Key features of Mookaite:

  • Helps to raise the vibration of your body and thoughts that relate to aging.
  • Helps to change your thoughts about the body’s degeneration.
  • Encourages one to feel younger and uplifts your attitude towards life.
  • A highly protective crystal, excellent travel stone and protective talisman.
  • Aids in decision making, motivation and vitality.
  • It’s from Australia.