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Crystals are teachers of frequency. When we have them in our space, they can help to show us what vibration to be at to attract what we want in our lives. If you are starting your spiritual awakening journey or wanting to ‘level up’, crystals can be amazing companions.


Here are our favourite crystals to assist you with your spiritual awakening.



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Sugilite embodies the violet ray. It is said to be the premier love stone. It is extremely protective against negative energies and entities. It helps bring a sense of peace, calmness and emotional healing. It has a high manganese content which can help to attract healing. It is a fantastic crystal to wear while exploring different spiritual concepts and healing modalities.


Sugilite assists in helping you bring forth your authentic self which helps to align with your true purpose and path in life. This vibrant purple crystal is associated with the crown chakra which is where most spiritual development is birthed along with the heart. It can also be useful at opening other energy centres like the third eye and soul star.


This is a favourite crystal for anyone wanting to develop their psychic abilities and spiritual gifts. Try wearing it or meditating with it while you are studying spiritual concepts as it can help with clarity and understanding.



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Like Sugilite, this flashy crystal boosts your spiritual gifts and has amazing healing properties. It is also related to the crown chakra along with the higher heart, third eye and soul star. It is also a popular crystal for the throat chakra which assists with communication on all levels.


Labradorite is a highly protective crystal on many levels and is known to help prevent energy tears and leaks in the auric field. It is a highly spiritual stone as it aids you to connect with higher realms and levels of consciousness.


Wearing labradorite can assist with intuition, decision making and introduces you to the magical and mystical side of reality. Wearing it around the throat chakra helps you to communicate your experiences.



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It’s all in the name. The word Celestite derives from the Latin word ‘coelestis’ which means ‘heavenly’. If you are wanting to explore your connection with the angelic or ‘heavenly’ realms, then Celestite is a must have crystal companion to assist you along your spiritual awakening journey. Initially it may seem to have a gentle energy, however, Celestite is extremely powerful.


Communication and insights with guides, angels, relatives and archangels are not uncommon with this crystal. With any spiritual practice, it takes patience to hone your communication and psychic skills.

Angelite is another form of Celestite (pictured above in the heart form). This also is and excellent crystal for celestial communication.



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Charoite is a powerful purple ray crystal. It focuses unconditional love energy of the heart chakra and merges it with the crown chakra. Noticing synchronicities is prevalent when working with Charoite. It assists you to take the next steps of your spiritual journey. It encourages you to move out of old habits that no longer serve you to discover your true abilities and gifts. As Charoite activates the heart chakra, it also helps to sustain healthy blood flow while on your spiritual journey. This also supports the liver and kidneys as you let go of past regrets, anger and resentments that may reside in these organs.


Charoite supports you in forgiving yourself and others to elevate your energy.



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If you want to increase your patience and enhance your spiritual intellect, then Dumortierite is the crystal for you. Dumortierite is all about the third eye and pineal gland which is perfect for those wanting to explore the astral realms, parallel lives, past lives and interpreting dreams.


Dumortierite can help to stimulate your psychic abilities while having patience with yourself and others while you learn to interpret your insights.


Of course, there are many other crystals we can recommend. But the five we have listed will get you started. They are all supportive crystals that help transform lower energy into its purer forms.


For more information, check out our list of crystal meanings here.

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