Crystals for Healers

Light workers, way seers, starseeds, earth angels and Sharmans are just some of the terms used to describe the healers of our world. No matter what modality or teachings they imbue, they are seen as the bringers of light and love.


We have so many amazing customers at Earth Crystals with a variety of businesses and backgrounds. Some of those customers are healers and it is fantastic to chat with them about the types of crystals they utilise during their healing sessions, the crystals they use to adorn their healing rooms and the types of crystals they like to wear.


While there are many different crystals for a myriad of purposes, we’ve noticed certain preferences when it comes to crystals that are used in healing rooms and during healings.


Crystals for the healing room

All crystals in a healing room serve a purpose. Whether it be for protection, clearing, cleansing, grounding or simply for aesthetics. Here are the most popular picks and you can see why by their descriptions below.

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Tourmaline – grounding and protection. Tourmaline works great underneath a consultant’s chair or by the entrance of a healing room. Used to ward off those lower frequencies it is also a great EMF protector.

Selenite – cleansing and clearing. Selenite is often used to create a grid around a healing room to energetically signify the place where the healing space is especially if it is attached to the home or a larger commercial space. Selenitelamps are perfect for creating ambiance while providing healing energy for the client and the healer.

Apophyllite – calming and serenity. Perfect for placing underneath the healing table or chair, Apophyllite is a popular choice for healers as it helps to easily relax the client and help move through any anxiety or stress quickly and calmly.

Rose Quartz – love and peace. There seems to be no limit with how much Rose Quartz can be used in a healing space.

Amethyst – healing and tranquillity. Amethyst caves at the entrance of the healing room can provide a welcoming and calming atmosphere. It’s a crystal that most people are familiar and comfortable with.

Salt Lamps – ionization. Popular in healing rooms or the home and office, Himalayan Salt Lamps set a calming scene while neutralising positive ions.


Crystals for healings

Of course, it completely depends on the type of healing modality you are implementing at the time as to which crystals will be an effective conduit.

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Crystals that have the Fibonacci ratios like Ammonite shells and fossils can be fantastic with past life regressions, generational and DNA healings. The Fibonacci spiral and its association with sacred geometry can be used in these sessions along with Clear Quartz, Lemurian Quartz and Selenite.


Chakra crystals are often used to place on the body during a crystal healing session.


For Sharman work, crystals like Apache Tears, Fire & Ice Quartz and Lens Quartz can all be helpful tools during sessions.


Elemental stones can be used to balance a client’s elemental energy – Carnelian (fire), Jasper or Tourmaline (earth),Larimar or Enhydro (water), Topaz or Citrine (air).


Amethyst and Selenite are popular picks for many healers including Reiki healers. There are also crystals that are carved with the reiki symbols that can be helpful during a session or to sell to clients to assist with healing at home.


Like many healers, Kinesiologists would have a selection of crystals available to use during a session if required.


Energy healers that work with the silver violet flame or diamond violet flame, may utilise crystals like Amethyst, Sugilite and Pink Tourmaline.


If you are a starseed or working with starseeds, you may like to try crystals like Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond and Cavensite.


Theta Healers can gravitate towards crystals in the pink, blue and clear spectrum or crystals associated with the higher heart and crown chakras like; Celestite, pink Kunzite, and Clear Quartz.


Those working with angelic energies may use crystals like; Rose Quartz, carved crystal angels, Angel Aura, Angel Phantom, Angelite and Golden Rutile (Angel Hair).

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No matter what modality is used, crystals are a fantastic companion to healing and for self-healing. Of course, these are just a few of the crystals some of our customers use. What are your favourite crystals to use for healing?