Crystals are a beautiful gift for any occasion and Christmas is no exception. Here is our list of top crystals to give at Christmas for the different personality types of your friends and family.


The Entrepreneur – Cinnabar

Cinnabar is the perfect gift for the entrepreneur as it is great for business success and finances. It is also called the merchants stone. It assists to acquire and manage wealth. Combining it with a crystal such as Carnelian can assist with motivation and will power.


The People Pleaser – Rhodonite

The people pleaser usually puts them self last, which is why Rhodonite will help with self love and reflection. It nurtures, supports, encourages love and the ability to see both sides of the issue.


The Sassy Teenager – Bismuth

“That is none of your Bismuth” *finger snap*. Bismuth is the crystal of transformation and change. Helps to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and at the same time increases your energy levels. Relieves feelings of loneliness or isolation. Encourages joint ventures by helping in group or relationship dynamics.


The Peacemaker – Calcite

Calcite is a calming stone that can assist in calming the mind, relationships and interactions as it emits a gentle yet potent frequency. It is a very active crystal, cleaning and clearing the environment it is in. Removes stagnant energy. Combats laziness and gives encouragement to move on. Good for clearing the mind and unblocking old thoughts.


The Mystic – Labradorite

For those interested in spirituality, self improvement, healing and meditation, Labradorite is a great option. Highly mystical, protective & brings in light. It forms a barrier from negative energies and releases fears and insecurities. Labradorite is the crystal of transformation & can bring your dreams into reality.

LAB Pdom

The Joker – Pyrite

The perfect crystal gift for the joker in your life is ‘fools gold’. A stone of protection good for travel as it keeps away physical danger. Brings up memories of love and friendship. Helps one to see beyond facades. Enhances memory. Also good for removing concepts of lack of abundance.


The Quiet One – Fluorite

Fluorite is a supportive crystal for the environment of the ‘Quiet One’. It cleans and stabilises the aura. Draws negative energies and stress from around you. It helps to overcome chaos and brings harmony. It inspires new ideas and quick thinking. It is also said to help release emotional trauma.


The Middle Child – Actinolite

Oops, we almost forgot this one. Increases self worth & achievement. A stone of small miracles. Restores faith in what is and good fortune. Harmonizes your energy so that you can go with the flow. Opens energy fields so you can accept healing and unblock frozen emotions. At home it creates a sense of contentment and of being blessed. Helps you to see your part in the victim “poor me” play.


These are our top crystal picks but of course when selecting crystals for another person, your intuition is your best tool.