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How does your work environment feel? Does it feel, creative, supportive and energetic? Or does it feel draining, flat or uncomfortable? Having the right crystals in your work place can help uplift, cleanse and enhance the energy of your space. They can even assist with staff morale, motivation, team work, appreciation and productivity.


There are many reasons why a work environment may feel draining or flat. It can be anything from a high volume of foot traffic through your space like a busy office or retail environment to uneasy feelings between colleagues or customers. Whatever the reason, crystals can be an effective solution in any space.


So, let’s have a look first at how you want your work environment to feel and what you would like the crystals to assist with. When choosing your crystals, setting a clear intention for the jobs you want crystals to do will help determine the best fit.


Next, let’s look at what the current energy is in the office or workspace. To address the current energy, we would usually recommend cleansing.

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It’s not often possible to do a full ceremonial smudge at the office, of course, but there are certainly other ways to clear the air of stagnant energy. Selenite is an effective energetic cleanser and can be subtly placed around the office or work environment. A Selenite placed at the entrance can be effective at clearing those nasties before they even come into your space. Try placing a Selenite piece, palm stone, tower or tumble at all four sides of your work area. If this is impossible (as it may be intrusive depending on the layout) you can grid the four sides of your desk with Selenite. If this is just a bit woo woo for where you work, then placing a piece of Selenite in your pocket will at least assist you where ever you go. Cleansing your space can make way for new ideas and encourages fresh perspectives.


Once your space is feeling cleansed, you may want to bring in other crystals that promote protection, team work, clearing the air or crystals to enhance the environment.



We don’t always get to choose who we work with. So, if there is a workmate that you are just not vibing with, Smokey Quartz is a great choice to have on your desk or to wear at the office. The same goes with Tourmaline which can also help you feel grounded and protected. Try parring Tourmaline and Rose Quartz together to create a respectful and potent shield.

It’s not only people we may require protection from. EMF or radiation can be a factor as well. Try placing an Orgonite, Shungite or Tourmaline pyramid on your desk to neutralise harmful frequencies.

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Sodalite is the best crystal to encourage teamwork and comradery. If you want your team to get involved with a concept, project or vision, try placing a large Sodalite crystal in the centre of the boardroom and/or give a smaller piece to each team member. When everyone is focused and in alignment with the same objective, harmony and teamwork can prevail.

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Clearing The Air

If there are disputes or unresolved issues between workmates, Black Obsidian can be a great choice to help clear the air and bring the underlying issues to the surface to be resolved. Blue Kyanite helps with reducing negativity and aids in calm and clear communication.


Environment Enhancing Crystals

Having any crystal in your space is not only visually stimulating but they can work on a very specific frequency to enhance the environment.


To promote creativity and motivation, try Carnelian. Tiger Eye is another great crystal as it helps to motivate, encourages will power and focus towards achieving goals.


In highly stressful or fast paced environments, try Apophyllite to calm anxiety and unnecessary stress. Or you could try Lapis Lazuli which promotes clear communication and expression.


Pink Opal is amazing if you work in an environment with children (both small children and the adult variety). It helps one to feel nurtured, calm and heard.


To enhance appreciation and joy, try Green Aventurine.


Citrine is the crystal of abundance but you can also try crystals like Cinnabar and Jet to not only attract money but to assist in growing wealth.


Amethyst is a workplace favourite as it promotes healing and tranquillity.

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When selecting crystals for your workplace, you really can’t get it wrong. At our showroom it’s amazing what crystals people choose just on intuition alone. And when they read the description card, they are surprised at how perfect that crystal is for work or for a specific purpose.