Lightning Struck Quartz

These rare and magnificent crystals are a favourite of many healers, collectors and crystal aficionados. They acquired their name, Lightning Struck Quartz, due to the fact that they are literally struck by lightning. Also known as “flash stones”, Lightning Struck Quartz are found in the Serra de Espinaco Mountains of Brazil.


This area of Brazil has a unique climate where orographic thunderstorms are frequent. Lightning from these storms, travels through the earth to the underlying quartz deposits.

“Interestingly, orographic lightning has some peculiar features: it reaches velocities of 160,000 m/s (524,934 ft/s), and it achieves plasma temperatures of 30,000°C in nanoseconds. Evidences of the effect of this special lightning on lightning-struck quartz crystals are the presence of beta-quartz (which only forms at temperatures over 573°C), along with the presence of cristobalite, the high-temperature modification of quartz (which forms at temperatures of about 1,715°C).”


The effects of the orographic lightning are evident in these high vibration crystals. The high pressure, rapid heating and cooling process creates a zig-zag or lightning pattern on the surface of the quartz. Which is one of its most identifiable properties.

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To form these crystals, it takes a unique combination of meteorological, geological, morphological and climatological conditions. This makes Lightning Struck Quartz a rare and highly valued crystal.


Crystal Energy, Healing and Uses

For those who are sensitive to crystal energies, this is one crystal you can certainly feel on many levels. It is an effective crystal to use with the entire chakra system to help draw stagnant energy out of the physical and energetic bodies.


When doing a clearing on a house, workplace or property, Lightning Struck Quartz can assist at zapping out negative energies and entities from a space. Transforming lower energies to a higher frequency. Very effective when used at night. Some people have even said that it is effective at removing ghosts.


Clear Quartz is the master healer of the crystal world. Combining this with the immense energy of lightning, further amplifies its healing abilities.


It is a powerful crystal for transformation and manifestation in all areas of life. It can help one release feelings or fears around being stuck and creates clarity for the next steps forward on your journey.


Meditating with Lightning Struck Quartz can help transform old patterns and habits into new waves of thought and creativity. It assists in releasing fear created by outdated beliefs passed down from ancestors and old beliefs created in childhood. The vibrational energy of Lightning Struck Quartz allows one to be open to higher dimensional energies so they can easily acknowledge and release deep emotional patterns at a cellular level. This helps one to be able to move forward on one’s path in this lifetime.

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Key Properties

  • Identifiable by a zig-zag pattern created by the lightning strike
  • Found in the Serra de Espinaco Mountains of Brazil
  • High frequency crystals good for transformation
  • Releases old patterns and beliefs
  • Powerful healing qualities

Lightning Struck Quartz