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Did you know placing crystals in your garden can beneficial to both you and your plants?


Directing energy from the crystals will generate and promote your plants health and wellbeing. By utilizing the energy from Mother Nature’s gifts, you will have a crystal wonderland in a thriving and well nourished garden.


Here are some of our suggestions on what to place in the garden:

  • Garden Apophyllite- let your garden sing with this uplifting and calming crystal.
  • Moonstone- associated with the moon and assisting in fertility. It will encourage a healthy garden.
  • Moss Agate – abundance stone, great for fertility to make those plants thrive
  • Clear Quartz – because quartz is good for everything! Great for programming and setting your intention on what you would like its energy to output into
  • Rose Quartz – who doesn’t love Rose Quartz? Purifying and calming, Rose is good to place, well anywhere
  • Green Aventurine – a stone of prosperity, great for gardens and connecting with nature

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Options of placement:

  • Place natural pieces through the garden
  • Hang from trees to promote growth on fruit trees for example
  • Small polished pieces can be placed in pots/ baskets
  • Make grids in the garden – one way you can do this is placing quartz points at each corner of the garden and one in the middle
  • Scatter smalls chips or tumbles

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So let us assist you in transforming your Spring garden into a thriving haven of abundance.